London September 1971



“…so, we walked around the bldg., to a nearby pub, and just in general tried to confront people on the outside. There were only a few Police around, and of course they had no guns so there was absolutely no violence at all. One incident:

A guy in a small alley was putting GLF leaflets on the cars – a policeman challenged him and put him under arrest. A bunch of people went running over to him in almost a stampede. The guy was pushed against the wall by the policeman. When the other’s got to him, one of the boys kissed the policeman on the lips. That really blew his mind, so he let the first guy go, and put the second guy under arrest.  Someone screamed for the BBC camera crew  to come around and film the police hassling people , and that combined with all of the GLF people outnumbering the cops , pushing against them , cause them to let both of the guys go….”